This book tells us how we can work with God to be made fit by Him to dwell in heaven. Towards this, Pitcharan has assembled all his learnings, inspirations and ideas to compile a common man’s perception of divinity and the way to attain it. The context for the book is Chapter 5 of St. Matthew's Gospel, wherein Lord Jesus defines surpassing righteous requirements for entering His kingdom. After crisply defining 'divinity' as 'ultimate fitness to dwell with God', the book hints at the very outset that suffering on earth is indeed the way to divinity by quoting a couplet from Indian philosophy and corroborating it with what Jesus taught. This is followed by a causative analysis of the Fall of Adam and Eve to precisely identify the root cause for losing the way. It then carefully charts the journey to divinity through the narrow way, beginning with the process of entering the narrow way and gives useful tips on what it takes to stick to the way, continuously moving forward till we finish the last lap; it also describes the process of proving divinity. The book explains in-depth the available aids and avoidable pitfalls and talks about, how to gain and grow in the divine virtues viz., Faith, Hope and Love, followed by some practical tips on dealing with Satan. Last but not the least, is a detailed treatise on the Blessed Trinity and perfection and the book concludes with some final thoughts on ‘true worship’ and The Second Coming of Lord Jesus. A unique, dialogue form meditation on the traditional Stations of the Cross, is included as Appendix.